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Kanji Katana Belt

Kanji Katana Belt

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This Package includes:

+ Premium Kanji Katana belt 

+ Gift Box


Katana (カタナ): A long, single-edged sword, commonly used by samurai of ancient and feudal Japan.

Kanji Katana Belts are made with 450 gsm - Pearl Weave - Gi fabric. This makes them incredibly durable, yet soft enough to stay tied under most conditions.They are also slightly lighter than our ‘Original’ model.

As with all Kanji Premium Belts, a considerable amount of research and development went into creating the ‘Katana’ series. The blend of lightweight, durable Gi-fabric has quickly made them one of the preferred choices for Jiu-Jitsu competitors.

Belt Details:

• 100% High-quality cotton.
• Made with high-quality Pearl Weave.
• Embroidered labels.
• Maintains color longer than standard belts.
• Superior durability over standard belts.
• Stays fastened for longer.
• Available for custom embroidery.

Size Chart:

It can be 1-3inches different from the size chart.

A0 24 - 27 98
A1 27 - 30 106
A2 30 - 33 115
A3 32 - 35 123
A4 35 - 38 135
A5 37 - 40 145

*Belt length may deviate minimally from what is displayed on the chart

Additional Information


• 100% High-quality cotton.
• Made with high-quality Pearl Weave.

Shipping & Returns

• FedEx International Prior Shipping
• Usually take 3 to 5 days for delivery (Not including production time.)


Care Instructions

• Recommend Hand-washing in cold water to avoid any shrinking
• Don't machine dry it (air dry)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Francisco dreyer
Amazing quality

Delivery was fast, and the quality of the belt is the best definitely I recommend it.

Mauricio Berlim

I sent this belt as a gift and the person just loved. Thank you kanji Belt

Kanji Belt

Great product, very fast shipping. Thank you very much. Osss

Oscar Liang
Great product

Fast delivery and good quality product.


I just recently received my black belt and I had been eying these for a little while and decided to pull the trigger since it’s the last belt I will wear. This thing is awesome, it is brand new so it’s a little stiff right now but you can tell this is very high quality. Also I got embroidery that also came out very nicely. It took roughly 8 days including the weekend from when I ordered until it was on my doors step. I will be recommending to others that I train w/. Awesome product, awesome service